Knowing Different Types of Bail Bonds in Louisiana

The state of Louisiana offers different types of methods for posting bail.

Persons charged for any felony in Louisiana are allowed to post bail unless it falls under the category of capital offense like first degree murder. Once the accused posts bail, he or she is released from jail while awaiting the result of the case. What are the types of bail bonds in Louisiana?

Cash Bond

The first and most expensive at the moment among four types of bail bonds is the cash bond. With this kind of bond, you can refund the amount paid as long as you attended all court hearings and conformed to court commitments. Any penalties and fees will be deducted from the bond in case of a guilty verdict.

Commercial Bond

Many persons faced with legal issues choose the commercial bond from these types of bail bonds. It is ideal for those without enough resources to post bail. You are just required to produce a certain fraction of the financial guarantee. The bail bondsman or agent comes up with the balance so you can be set free. The bondsman can be an individual, agency or company that acts as security and pledges money or real property for the accused. However, you cannot get back your payment from the bond agency after the case is resolved. It will serve as premium for the contract and fee (12 percent) for their services. This has been fixed by the Insurance Commission and authorized by law.

Knowing Different Types of Bail Bonds in Louisiana

Property Bond

The third category of the different types of bail bonds in Louisiana is called Property bond. It is possible to use the equity cost of any piece of fixed asset. However, this property must be within the state of Louisiana. Otherwise, it cannot be utilized in satisfying a bail requirement. The amount is equal to the estate’s assessed value excluding legal liabilities such as liens and/or mortgages. It only costs several hundred dollars to register the collateral.

Personal Surety

The last of the types of bail bonds in Louisiana is known as Personal surety. It can take the form of sign-out bond wherein any relative or close friend provides the guarantee that the defendant who posted bail will attend all litigations. Another option is the Recognizance Bond (ROR) or no-cost bail. It is a written assurance made by defendants to appear in hearings sans bail bond fees. This is only approved by the court for first-time non-violent offenders who have the capability to present respectability or good reputation in the community as well as stable employment background.

Benefit of Bail Bonds

Posting a bail bond helps the accused to concentrate on more important concerns like hiring a competent attorney who can help them in making a good defense and proving their innocence. Also, keep in mind that bail bonds can be denied by the judge and the appellant must remain in police custody until the case is over. Those permitted to post bail should remain in Louisiana for the duration of the trial.

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