Information on Bail Bondsman Training in Louisiana

Learn about the training required for aspiring bail bondsmen in Louisiana.

Prospective bondsmen should expect rigid bail bondsman training programs. These courses reinforce the bond agent’s knowledge court functions, imprisonment in relation to the federal or state justice system and procedures in law enforcement. Most of the curriculum includes laws governing bail bonds, arrests of criminals and bail procedures. There are state governments offering the course either as one or multiple courses. It can also be a correspondence or distance learning (online) format. Those who finish the course are qualified for the certification examinations in their respective states.

Louisiana Apprentice Program

In Louisiana, there is specific legislation (LA RS 22:1574 or the Bail Bond Apprentice Program). Interested persons must first sign up with the State’s Department of Insurance (DI) 10 days before enrolling in this course. Secure and accomplish the registration form and send to said office.

This bail bondsman training program requires apprentices to work with licensed bail bond producers for six straight months. Work hours should be a minimum of 24 hours every week. Trainees are required to study every step in the bail bond process with the exception of solicitation, conducting negotiations, quoting fees, and implementing the bail bond. Trainees must be given an employment contract and compensated by bail bond producers. The producer is obliged to document everything including payroll information and number of hours rendered. Such information will be reviewed by the Department of Insurance.

However, apprentices of bail bondsman training may not be entitled to insurance commissions or take part in activities that require a license for an insurance producer. Anyone found guilty of crime in the past is not allowed to participate in this Apprentice Program.

Information on Bail Bondsman Training in Louisiana

Pre-Licensing Education & Application

All trainees for bail bondsman training must finish the so-called pre-licensing education prior to the final phase of this six-month exercise. Upon conclusion of this course (without any expulsion), both the producer and trainee will certify on a DI form that the latter satisfied all pre-requisites. This will be notarized into a sworn affidavit with possible fine or penalty of perjury or lying under oath.
That will be the time for graduates to apply for licenses with the Department of Insurance. A schedule will be given for the exams. This examination must be taken not more than a year after the course is completed successfully. An individual will not be allowed to sit for an exam as bail bond producer unless the completion certification and required application are forwarded to the DI for testing as well as licensure. Likewise, applicants will be asked to follow requirements for fingerprinting.

Illegal Acts

Bail bond producers are forbidden to pay or give discounts/commissions to peace officers, police officials, wardens, and judges for the purpose of settlement or reduction of a particular bail bound amount. The bail bond producer is also not authorized to conduct business except for the defendant, lawyer or guardian of a minor in the enforcement of bail bonds. Violators are liable for loss of license, imprisonment or fines depending on the seriousness of their offense.

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