Finding a Reliable Bail Bondsman in Louisiana

Are you in need of a reliable and reputable bail bondsman in the state of Louisiana? Make sure that you are dealing with licensed bail bond agents to avoid further problems.

Bail Bonds Overview

Before we begin discussing how you can find a reliable bail bondsman in Louisiana, let us briefly discuss what a bail bondsman is and what the nature of their job is to determine if you are looking for assistance from the correct person. A bail bondsman or bail bonds agent is someone who will provide a loan in cash or in some form of property which can be used as bail by an accused individual in court. A bail bondsman can provide a similar service that you expect from a bank. However, accused individuals will definitely have difficulty getting support from a bank because of liability reasons, and this is where a bonds agent comes in. A bail bond business can either be conducted by a certain individual or he can represent a corporation. These bondsmen are only visible in the United States and in some areas in the Philippines. This nature of work has been outlawed in most countries because it inclines to resemble with what may be considered as kidnapping.

The bail bondsman profession began in the United States in the year 1898 in the state of San Francisco by the McDonough family. An agreement with the local court system is required in order for you to become a bondsman so you can provide a security bond which will pay the bail of the accused individual if in case they do not appear in court on the agreed date and time. Furthermore, a bondsman will normally have an agreement with an insurance company, a bank or financial institution to get out funds outside their usual operating hours.

U.S. Bail Bonding Laws

In the United States, the laws about bail bondsmen differ from state to state but often, the interest or fees on bond loans provided by a bond agent range between 10 to 15% of the total amount of the bail. There are states that charge fees that should also be paid if ever that a total bail amount percentage does not meet the fee amount offered by the other states. There are instances that the bail bond agent may take collateral or mortgage so that they can secure the full legal bond amount that was issued by the courts and this depends on the amount of the bail bond. Some states implement a system wherein the accused individual is required to post cash bail of about 10% of the full bond amount directly to the court. This amount will avoid the need for a bondsman.

Licensed Louisiana Bail Bond Agents

If you are from Louisiana and you are looking for a bails bondsman, you can research online in order for you to find one. Often, these bondsmen are reliable because they need to be licensed by the state since they are working closely with law enforcement people and even financial institutions. You can either choose to work with a bondsman working for themselves or with someone who works for a bail bonds company.